The photography products listed in this post all belonged to a professional photographer in Winthrop, MA named Rick Reddy. He took great pride in his work and took very good care of all his items. Due to his unexpected passing, I’ve been asked to help sell his equipment to benefit his widowed wife Patricia. If interested in anything, please make your best offer by email at and I will respond asap, most likely with a yes. You can pay with cash, via Venmo or PayPal. You can also pick up the item(s) at my studio, Beacon Photo and Frame, at 185 Winthrop St., Winthrop, MA or I can ship at cost. Thank you. I will remove items as they sell.

Film Enlarger and Related Items
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Title: Omega Pro-Lab 4X5” B+W Enlarger “Kit” with Enlarger User Manual
Title: Super Chromega E® Dichroic Color Enlarger “Kit”
Title: Paterson® Contact Proof Frame, Model PTP620
Title: X-ACTO Guillotine Knife
Title: 35mm Developing Tank and Reels
Title: 620 Size Developing Tank With Four Reels
Title: Kodak Utility Safelight Lamp Model D (With Adjustable Suspension Chains)
Title: Exposing Lamp for Super Chromega E® Dichroic Color Enlarger
Title: Light-Tight Changing Bag for 8X10” View Camera
Title: Film Carriers for Enlarger(s)
Title: Rodenstock Rodagon Lens for 8X10” View Camera, F/5.6 to F/45
Title: Film Holders for View Cameras
Title: Schneider-Kreuznach Companar-C 50mm F/2.8 Enlarging Lens
Title: Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon 90mm F/4.0 Enlarging Lens
Title: 5” X 7” Negative Carriers — Glassless and Glassed
Title: Motorized Agitator Drums for Color Print Processing
Title: Darkroom Chemistry for Enlargements
Title: Darkroom Essentials incl. trays, thermometer, tongs, ewers, and funnel
Title: Darkroom Paper Safe
Title: Professional Quality Beseler® “Universal 24” Enlarging Easel
Title: LPL®-brand ”Universal Easel DX1417” Contact Print Frame for Negatives of Various Sizes
Title: Omega® Color Analyzer Model SCA-100

Lens Filters 
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Title: Set of 6 glass filters for 67mm camera lenses
Title: Set of 6 filters for 82mm lenses, and 1 77mm filter
Title: Set of 8 filters for 58 mm lenses
Title: Set of 8 filters for 77mm lenses (5 warm tones & 2 polarizers
Title: Set of 5 graduated-tint filters of assorted colors and 1 Polarizing filter
Title: Assorted Step Rings for Use with Glass Filters

Traditional Camera Film 
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Title: Two Unopened Boxes of Kodak® 220-size Tri-X B+W Film (ISO 320)
Title: Three Rolls of Kodak® Professional 100Tmax™ B+W Film (ISO 100)
Title: Five Rolls of Kodak® 35mm Tri-X™ (ASA 400, 36 Exposures Per Roll)
Title: Four Rolls of 120-Size Fuji® Fujifilm™ Fujicolor™ Roll Film for Color Negatives (ASA 160)
Title: Five Rolls of Kodak® Professional 35mm Plus-X™ (ASA 125, 36 Exposures Per Roll)
Title: A Single Roll of Fuji® etc. etc.
Title: Two Rolls of 220-Size Kodak® New Portra™ Color-Negative Film (ASA 160)
Title: Two Rolls of Different Film for 35mm Color-Negative Film
Title: Two Rolls of 35mm Color Xparency Film (E-6 Processing)
Title: Four Rolls of Fuji® Brand 35mm Film

Photo Paper
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Title: Unopened Box of Epson Glossy Photo Paper for Inkjet Printer
Title: 8 1/2” X 11” Multi-Use Inkjet Paper
Title: Canon® Semi-Gloss Inkjet Paper (Type # SG-201)
Title: Canon® Semi-Gloss Inkjet Paper (Type # SG-201)
Title: Polaroid® 4X5” Instant Sheet Film, Types 55 (B+W) and 79 (Color)
Title: Ilford® Multi-Grade B+W Enlarging Paper in Three Sizes, PLUS a Set of Multigrade Filters

Camera Flashes
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Title: Sony Handycam Cyber-Shot Flash Unit, Model HVL-F43M
Title: “National” brand Flash Unit
Title: Nikon Speedlight Model SB-19 with snapped vinyl case
Title: Canon® Power Drive Booster Model PB-E2 for Compatible 35mm Film-Type Canon Cameras
Title: Quantum® Professional-Grade Portable Studio Flash With Battery Pack
Title: Tripod Mount for Flash Head and/or Flash Umbrella (4 available)
Title: Camera Bracket
Title: Photoflex® LiteDisc™ Foldable, 2-Sided Reflector, Model DL-1342WS
Sold: Metz® Mecablitz 45 CL 1 Professional-Grade Electronic Flash Unit

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Title: Nikon® LS-40 ED Film Scanner for Windows and Mac
Title: Microtek® ScanMaker i900™ High-Resolution Professional-Grade Print and Negative and Xparency

Link to View Photos and Descriptions:
Title: Medium-Format Camera “Junk Drawer” Spare Parts and Lenses Melange
Title: Transparency Viewer for 35mm Slides OR Film Strips
Title: Canon® PB-E2 Power Drive Booster for 35mm Film Camera
Title: NP-E2 Canon® EOS Battery Pack and Charger
Title: Sony® Walkman™ Cassette Tape Player
Title: Spray Heads for Compressed-Air Cans
Title: Lens Adapter for Canon® Lenses — FD->EOS

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